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Ever used Free WiFi? Then read this, Tuesday, November 26th, 2019


Free WiFi is available just about anywhere you go – on the train, at the hotel, in the cafe, restaurant you name it and its there. Mobile data is still reasonably expensive and therefore the idea of using some free data is appealing however there are some security issues with free WiFi. When you connect to a network you give up a lot of protection, there is the possibility your data if any sharing is enabled is accessible and your traffic is being snooped on. Think of your home network, once on your on home WiFi you can connect from …Read More

Will 5G replace Fibre (conventional) Broadband?, Tuesday, November 26th, 2019


It’s always tricky predicting the future especially in the world of tech However yes we believe 5G will replace Broadband but only where there is no direct fibre to your door available. In cities and many new builds fibre to the door is readily available which means broadband speeds in excess of 100mbps which is fast enough for most businesses and homes. For more rural locations fibre broadband only goes to the BT cabinet and the last stretch to your home or business is usually copper. This often means speeds below 40mbps sometimes sub 10mbps if your are quite a …Read More