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The biggest secret in SEO

Steve Davidson, Friday, February 28th, 2014


It’s not really a secret but lots of SEO companies would have you think so.  SEO is search engine optimisation.  Lets clear up what SEO is not to start with.  In no way does SEO mean rank you number 1 for every keyword you had in mind. Unless you’re a multi Million pound company who are world recognised or work in an extremely niche market this is a difficult thing toguarantee you are going to disappointed. In actual fact if you want guaranteed top spot you would be better spending your money on Google AdWords rather than any company that …Read More

External Links to your website to increase SEO

Steve Davidson, Thursday, February 20th, 2014


  Well last week we covered internal links this week external links.  This ones going to be a fairly brief topic but it still worth covering off on your SEO. So what is the difference between internal and external links? Internal links which are on your website and link to content on your website.  External links are links which link back to your website. So how does it work? Simple really if you have a link to your website from a reputable website back to your website it improves your seo, especially if its title and alternative text are related …Read More

Internal Hyperlinks can improve your SEO

Steve Davidson, Sunday, February 16th, 2014


What are Hyperlinks? Hyperlinks are active links which when you click them connect to another webpage or location.  You will find them on most webpages, the most common location is the menu to help you map your way through a website. Hyperlinks look like the below in html <a href”www.yourhperlink.co.uk”>The Text that will be the link people click on</a> So how can internal hyperlinks improve your SEO? Just as with the menu which you use to map through your website you should use content keywords in the same format.  Now do not go all mad and start link every keyword …Read More

How to use headings to increase your SEO

Steve Davidson, Tuesday, February 11th, 2014


  There is more to headings than formatting most people see the selection as way  to format their CMS website, bold, larger etc.  Below is an example from WordPress   The below is a heading 1 Heading 1 example Yes its large but the secret lies within the html code, <h1>Heading 1 example</h1> Google sees this code and uses it to identify what’s important on your webpage.  So h1 being the most important and h6 being the least.  If you have no html title tag set Google will actually choose an h1 heading as the title. Heading tag should describe …Read More

How to change the text which gets displayed in Google search results for your website

Steve Davidson, Monday, February 10th, 2014


So you look your website up and Google and the text under your page title is not what you want to be displayed.  Maybe its some random text from your webpage. How can you change this search engine text? Well you can let Google know what text you would like to display by configuring the descriptions Meta Tag  on a per webpage basis. Do not populate it with lots of lovely keywords which you would love people to find your webpage.  Instead write a description which is clear and concise about what is displayed on the webpage.  Your helping the search …Read More

Webpage titles

Steve Davidson, Friday, January 31st, 2014


What are webpage titles? When you look at the top left hand corner of a web page you will see some text, this is the page title.  See below this is an example of the homepage on D-Isla Web Design.     Its blank I don’t have a web page title This is because you will have no title set for the webpage.  You can set the page title by adding  <title>Your page title </title> inbetween <head> </head> tag at the top of your webpage. Below is an example <head> <title>D-Isla Web Design – Lincoln </title> #Meta tags #css #scripts …Read More

How to get your website listed on Google

Steve Davidson, Thursday, January 30th, 2014


Consider Google as a giant library  of websites and it treats each website like a book and indexes them.  It then acts like the librarian when you query it by  selecting the book that best matches your query. Google Webmaster Tools You can manage and submit websites by using Google Webmaster Tools. You will need to verify ownership of your website by uploading a verification file provided by Google to the the public root folder.  Once this file can be verified you are good to go. You are best to initially submit your website using a sitemap to Google Webmaster.   …Read More

Marketing your website to increase traffic

Steve Davidson, Tuesday, January 28th, 2014


We are going to cover off topics which can help you increase website traffic.  We will give a brief summary of each subject and break them down in more detail over the coming weeks into individual posts. There should be no single point of traffic for your website, you need to spread your odds but not too thinly pick a few and concentrate on these.  You would not bet your house on reaching the top of Google and remaining there would you?  So why put your business in this risky position. Are you listed on Google? Google accounts for 88.37% of …Read More



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