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Posts which related to social networking whether this be integration or advertising. Popular social network sites at the minute are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, pinterest, Google+

Marketing your website to increase traffic

Steve Davidson, Tuesday, January 28th, 2014


We are going to cover off topics which can help you increase website traffic.  We will give a brief summary of each subject and break them down in more detail over the coming weeks into individual posts. There should be no single point of traffic for your website, you need to spread your odds but not too thinly pick a few and concentrate on these.  You would not bet your house on reaching the top of Google and remaining there would you?  So why put your business in this risky position. Are you listed on Google? Google accounts for 88.37% of …Read More

Add a tab on your Facebook Page to link to your website

Steve Davidson, Sunday, January 26th, 2014


So you have a setup a beautiful website and a great Facebook page with lots of followers but how do they find your website? Well normally unless you keep updating every post with details of your website URL then visitors to your page will have to go into the about section on your Facebook page.  How many visitors will do that?  I am guessing not many. The solution is to add a tab on your Facebook page which is a link to your website.  Whats a tab? They look like the below screenshot, this is the photo tab and this …Read More

Share This Post – The Results

Steve Davidson, Thursday, January 23rd, 2014


Last week we did the post share this post be part of something Now the results we can see if there is any value in using Facebook Posts to promote your business Facebook Facebook followers for D-Isla Web Design  pre-post and after post : remained unchanged at 125 If you have a Facebook page already and you have over 30 followers then you can get Facebook Page insights (create a Facebook page here) Facebook insights shows that 17 people viewed the post, 2 people shared the post and 5 people clicked through the link.   However this is inaccurate as …Read More

Share This Post Be Part Of Something

Steve Davidson, Friday, January 17th, 2014


This post is a complete experiment. Web design companies They speak about how much social network integration  can benefit your business. If you have a new product launch for your company and you share it with your Facebook followers for instance how far is that reach?   Could that extra coverage be the difference between failure and the successes of your business. So lets put it to the test.  Lets see how far we can get this post.  Share this post now. I will report back, with screenshots next week on how many people view the Facebook post insights.   I will …Read More



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