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The biggest secret in SEO

Steve Davidson, Friday, February 28th, 2014


It’s not really a secret but lots of SEO companies would have you think so.

 SEO is search engine optimisation.  Lets clear up what SEO is not to start with.

  •  In no way does SEO mean rank you number 1 for every keyword you had in mind.
  • Unless you’re a multi Million pound company who are world recognised or work in an extremely niche market this is a difficult thing toguarantee you are going to disappointed.
  • In actual fact if you want guaranteed top spot you would be better spending your money on Google AdWords rather than any company that promises you “top rank result”


So what is SEO

 It’s a combination of social networking, offline networking, website links internal and external, advertisement on and offline, website content and blog posts.

The main thing that really helps your SEO beyond all else is website content and blogging.

Google likes to provide its customers with the webpages which provide the most benefit to its customer.


If you went to Google and searched pancake recipes and Google returned a list of web pages which had titles which related to pancakes and descriptions which also looked like pancake recipes but when you clicked on the links actually the content was poor, unhelpful, slightly related or a waste of your time for every link you clicked you would be a fairly disappointed Google customer.  If this continued to happen for all Google search terms you  entered would Google still be your 1st port of call on the Internet?  Most likely not.

So its simple Google has a business to run and if you provide content it needs to satisfy its customers then your top of the list.

Great so you have bakery website or cooking related you will write an article on making the perfect pancakes that would make even Gordon Ramsay smile. 

This will get you nice and high on those Google ranks.No it will not!

Pancake recipes have been done a million times over by all means add a pancake recipe to your website because customer who come across this on your website may like it and share etc. but you are choosing a hard battle here.

Instead what about a pancake recipe that relates to something more niche.  

  • Google the term yourself what comes up top have 10 people already written great articles about pancakes
  • Would you just be duplicating content Google already has? If the answer is yes you would be wasting your time writing more content that duplicates what’s already there in terms of SEO.
  • By all means if the recipes you write can expand on the content available or if you could add a video which would make life easier for the would be pancake maker then winner all round but if its been done to death pick another topic there are millions of things typed into Google everyday that your company can be there to help with.

Maybe you do a recipe which talks about how to make an excellent Greengage Plum sauce to go with pancakes that are to die for.  I would for one love to read about this because I have one of these trees in my garden and struggle to find a decent recipes to use them all up (sure I can not be the only one!).  If you sell baking products have this linked on same page which would assist me in these recipes and hey presto I might just buy your stock at the same time to make my Greengage Plum sauce which I then share with all my friends.  Suddenly you have another 10 website visitors from Facebook and so on

Google is not a big secret it really is just about contributing something that is of worthwhile content for the world that’s worth sharing, people like and enjoy reading.

The biggest issue is the amount of time it takes to write valuable content, yes it takes time but the rewards can be marvellous in terms of your chance to convert those pancake loving people into your next customers.

It’s not an overnight success story if you posted valuable content once a week over a year and it was listed on Google then after that 1st year you may see some decent traffic/conversions from Google organic search footfall.

It’s all about keeping the content close to your business but not doing hard sell you are there to help them with the how and provide the consumer with products to do the job.

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